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Wedding planning - top 5 rules

 Perfect wedding planning - top 5 rules


The is no uniform formula for the ideal wedding. The reason is that all of us have different tastes, ideas and style preferences, so th wedding of our dream may look absolutely different even for you and your beloved one. But there is a fine point, which is crusially important - your wedding day shall be fun not only for the bride and groom, but for the guests as well. Keep it in mind while planning the details of your wedding, from wedding invitations to the wedding cake. We can go into detail, but the essence is presented here: top 5 rules to follow if you want to organize the unforgettable event your guests would love.

Rule 1. Make sure your guests are aware of the wedding theme.

This is the key rule to make a wedding your guests will love. Some brides follow fashion trends, for example this season the favorite color scheme is rose gold as here - so the wedding invitations will set the whole style. Guests will be ready to find this style everywhere - through wedding stationery, table, interior, wedding website. For example, if you plan an outdoor ceremony in natural location, so the guests need to walk the grass or gravel-stones, inform your guests in advance for them to wear appropriate shoes. Those, who travel from far to your wedding need to be informed about the local weather conditions. It is also important to inform whether your even is formal or not. Indicate the dres code of your wedding. No one wants to be inappropriately fressed on such a big day.

Rule 2. The schedule of your wedding day.

The next thing your guests should be informed about is the sequence of events on your wedding. Girls in cocktail dresses will look strange on the picnic. Explain to your relatives and freinds invited what you expect of them on this day - whether you need their special involvement or help, or wedding planner takes care of everything so your guests are to enjoy the celebration. It will preserve them of any discomfort. As you see, the level of their comfort depend on you.

Rule 3. The right wedding menu choice and perfect timing.

The best rule for any party - don't keep your guests hungry. They may forget about any fun, if they are hungry. So make sure they will get some light hors d'oeuvres before and/or after the ceremony. The appetizers shall be light and simple, for example, various canapes, light drinks and ice-cream would be great. Youu may indicate light snaks in the wedding program.

So far so good, but how to make sure that your guests really enjoy your wedding?

Rule 4. Make sure you know your guests' tastes and preferences

Having fun is very individual for every person. For someone it's a cheeful party with all night dansing, for others - cosy, laid back atmosphere with conversations and table games. The best weddings are those events, that reflect the spirit of the couple. Not really fond of dancing? Plan funny contests and games. Adore shakedown parties? Prepare your favourite play list and let's party! It's highly likely that your friend will be fond of the same style entertainment and gladly join you, sharing true fun of your wedding event.

But what if you don't havea lot of friends and your families are different?

In this case...

Rule 5. Fill your wedding with emotions.

What the guests love about weddings is the magic atmosphere of joy, love and happines, the aura of the newlyweds. Those high and delicate feelings make all the attendees share this special flair.


Touching wedding ceremony when bride and groom tell the story of their love, exchange vows written by themselves, creates such atmosphere. The speeches of your close friends and relatives during the reception will add emotions to the event. You may create separate zones: one for dancing and fun, another lounge zone for conversation, so everybody will have the perfect pastime.




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