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Hi, I'm Mari Claire Chaise, wedding photographer. And I passionate in my work, where I combine my professional background with huge inspiration of fresh approach. I am a happy wife, having the angel of a husband and two beautiful children, being the endless source of ideas and burst of imagination. I love wedding shooting for the tons of positive emotions and genuine joy. My job is to preserve it for you in pictures.

Why have I chosen Wedding Photography? Besides chere creative inspiration, that beloved couples give off, I adore catching not only beautiful moment, but tell the whole story of the couples, rendreing the magic of the moment.

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Merri Wedding Photographer

My work

luxury wedding

My work motto is "Capture a magic!" Obviously every couple wants to get beautiful, quality, sylish pictures of the big day. My professional touch and zest for innovations will provide you with the premium standard photos. But there is somehing to catch besides the stricking beauty of the bride and style of the groom - the romance and fun, sensuality and delicacy, everything that makes your relations so special - YOUR MAGIC!

I provide the full package servicing, starting form the pre-shooting consultation up to providing the ready pictures printed and in digital version. I am very inclined to let you enjoy the wedding day without worrying about any aspect of wedding shooting. Besides, I beleive my mission is to bring joy and stress-free atmosphere, even on the stage of planning. Once we've get a deal, all photo-related issues are solely mine.

The payment is done one the hour basis, of you order 'full day', you will get 15 % discount. I provide rights to the digital files (fully edited) to my customers, so you will get all your pictures with precious wedding moments in their best.

Special skills in nature and landscape photography allows me to make extra special shooting of your destination wedding. Any outdoor scenes will be also prefectly done.

Pre-shooting consulting - I prefer my clients to get aquainted with my works (compiled in portfolio), inform me thier preferences, their wedding style. I explain my working technique, we develop a plan of wedding photosession/or wedding day shooting, discuss the working hours and price. I am eager to make everything to make your wedding palnning as easy and stressful as possible. Besides, I start planning your unique pictures form the moment I see your couple.

Classic Wedding Album & Wedding Art

Though I provide my ready works in digital format, I do understand your (or maybe your relatives) wish to have a traditional wedding album to leaf through with your family. I provide high quality wedding albums and pictures, I will help you with to decorate some interior details (such as cups, plates, wall pictures, even pillows) with your unique wedding photos.

Emma & Tony

I want to say our thanks and great respect to your professional approach, Marie.

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Nicole and Mike

Marie, thank you so much for capturing the most unique, bright, tender moments of our wedding!

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